Black and White Furniture Ideas


Elegant white or classic black furniture can be an excellent choice for your home. But it all depends on your existing interior. We’ll tell you why…

Over and over I’ve seen quasi home decorators decide to take on the task of “re-inventing” their home by going with black or white, or even a combination of both, furniture styles. However, they’ve often done so without first looking at their existing interior to see if these simple tones will match. Unfortunately, they often don’t.

When does black and white make sense?

We tell our customers that black and white make the most sense when your walls have natural tones (e.g. black, white, or even gray). Black and white furniture will match almost any flooring – especially hardwoods – but be careful for odd color carpeting (such as 70’s orange), or even some tiling doesn’t make sense.

The good news is that if you are convinced that black or white is your furniture color of choice then making some small changes to your home’s interior will be less expensive than the furniture.

For example, removing your existing wallpaper and adding a coat of simple white paint to the walls will do wonders for changing the look. Removing the carpet to show-off the existing hardwood floors is also something simple. Once done, throw down a smaller rug and in goes your new furniture.

These days, the most popular choices for black or white furnishings are typically l-shaped leather sofas, end tables, or even chaise lounges. It really depends on your budget.